Artist / Writers Information:
The Tulare Sci-Fi Con is seeking Artist and Writer special guest appearances by personalities that are a part of past and present pop-culture, sci-fi, horror, anime and fantasy genre. Weather your an established artist/writer or and aspiring one trying to get exposure, we want YOU!!. If your interested in being a guest, please complete the exhibitor's applicationbadge request, and BOE410D.  Return all completed forms by February 2, 2015. Guests a FREE table w/2 chairs and 2 Badges (see Exhibitor's Guide for additional information on badges).  Incomplete applications will not be processed.
Checks Payable to: Tulare Sci-Fi Con
The Tulare Sci-Fi Con is excited to announce the following Artists and Writers will be appearing at the Tulare Sci-Fi Con on March 7-8th, 2015.  Come out and say hello, get autographs and support them....
Artist / Writer Guests:
Name: A Little about them: (Click the Artist Name to visit their site)

Crystal Appleton - Artist
Appleton, Crystal
"Fantasy Leaves Ink"
Crystal Appleton, Native of Bakersfield California. I am the oldest of 5, ex military and a writer and artist. I grew up in Bakersfield. I do anything from drawing to sculpting. I have one book published under my belt with a second on the way. The book is called Tuesday's Doomsday. Half of what I do goes to Charity.

No Photo
Barrow, Megan
"Megans Mess"
Megan's Mess is filled with all the crocheted things you could ever need. From hats to blankets, scarves, purses and even plushies. Everything is handmade and no two items are ever the same thanks to all the unique and colorful yarn used.

Kristin "Maxy" Beeber - Photo
Bebber, Kristin "Maxy"
"Contra Dorktion"
Maxy created ContraDorktion as a startup specializing in geekery and fandom. With handmade items including plastic cosplay pieces, clay amiiBeau Accessories and fabric pet toys, there's a little of this and a bit of that! Stop by and visit me in Artist Alley!

No Photo
Bedford, Jill
"JB Whimsy"

Allen Carter - Photo
Carter, Allen
"Carter Comics"
I've loved to draw since I was six years old. At the same age, I also loved coming up with my own stories. Those two interests came together at age eight, when I created my very first comic from 8 sheets of typing paper. These two hobbies became a larger part of my life as I got older, further developing my art style and stories. Today, I'm an independent comic book artist, appearing at comic book conventions as the writer, illustrator, and creator of three separate comic series: "Damn Tourists," "Cosmic Force," and "The Figure-of-Speech Mongoose."

No Photo
Cayco, Christopher
Christopher Cayco is a full-time freelance illustrator based in Fresno, Ca. He works in both traditional and digital mediums. His recent credits are with his work with Alter Reality Games and the designer of Fresno's 2015 Rogue Festival Muse.

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Chattom, Eric

No Photo
Craig, Levi

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Dulay, Krystin
"Spirit Descending"
The incomparable music of Spirit Descending and band members' creativity was unleashed for a second compilation in their anticipated second release, EP entitled Creatures of Habit. The band went back into the studio this past summer to birth a set-list premiering a more technical and polished sound that binds the complexity of their collection of songs into a cohesive novel, each chapter full of mystery, darkness, twists, and beauty to be fully released late spring 2015. In the meantime, the band has given old fans and new a taste with the gradual release of the EP's singles.

No Photo
Flores, Gabriel
"Max's Sci-Fi Creation Shop"

No Photo
Gilson, Che
Che Gilson is the author of Avigon and Avigon: Gods and Demons, graphic novels published by Image Comics and illustrated by Jimmy Robinson. She went on to write Dark Moon Diary volume 1 and 2 published by TOKYOPOP and illustrated by Brett Uher. Her short fiction has appeared in the e-zines Drops of Crimson and twice in Luna Station Quarterly. Most recently her urban fantasy novella Carmine Rojas: Dog Fight, an action packed tale of werewolves, gangsters, and violence,  came out in August 2014 from Black Opal Books. She is an artist and attended Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Sequential Art. She likes to write, draw, read, and collects Asian Ball Jointed dolls.

Kyle Hailey - Photo
Hailey, Kyle
Kyle Hailey is an Artist out of the Fresno/Clovis area.
He is our resident artist and designer of the "Tulare Sci-Fi Con" logo.

Kevin Hill - Photo
Hill, Kevin
Kevin is the artist/author of the on-line science fiction graphic novel Tales from the Bloodstream on .

He has worked as an artist for Disney and Production Artist for Activision/Blizzard video game F.E.A.R. and later transferred to the Media Productions Department as a Digital Artist and Motion Graphics Artist. He has worked on over 30 video game titles including: Ghostbusters the Game, Spyro the Dragon, Scarface, World of Warcraft, TimeShift, Crash Bandicoot, and The Bourne Conspiracy.

In the non-digital realm, Kevin paints portraits with a specialty in pets.

No Photo
Hilton, Amber

Paul Jamison - Photo
Jamison, Paul
"Superhero Network"
Paul is the Creator and Writer of the comic book series Paragon. Jamison’s “Superhero Network” brand of comics began its inception in 2012. SHN’s premiere title “PARAGON” offers a social commentary with a dramatic character driven narrative. The newest title “LADY PHENOM” offers a strong female heroine that drives the story. SHN comics are as fun and engaging as they are unique with glowing critical reviews that can be found online. Visit Superhero Network’s Facebook, twitter or instagram sites to keep up on current SHN happenings. You can also check out the official site at SHNCOMICS.COM.

Michael Kogge - Photo
Kogge, Michael
Michael Kogge (writer): Author and screenwriter Michael Kogge most recently wrote Empire of the Wolf, the epic graphic novel about werewolves in ancient Rome published by Alterna Comics. For Disney-Lucasfilm Press, he’s penned the Star Wars Rebels series of books adapting the hit animated series and writes a monthly feature for the official Star Wars Insider magazine. He can be found online at or on twitter @michaelkogge.

No Photo
Lee, Becky
"Tulare Psychic"

Ashleymarie Lively - Photo
Lively, Ashleymarie
"Sey Studios"
Sey is a multi-medium artist who lives and works out of her studio in Bakersfield, California. In 2010, she graduated from California State University of Long Beach with a BFA in Illustration (emphasis in Illustration & Animation). She has done work for shows, blogs, books, magazines and more.

Her passion and drive is to create art that make all ages smile. It doesn't matter what the medium is (acrylic, watercolor, leather brush name painting, graphic design or paper cut art). She actively exhibit in galleries, functions and cons from the LA to New York.

April Loughridge - Photo
Loughridge, April
"Strawberry Factory"
April is an artist, cosplayer and the owner of the Strawberry Factory. Always happy to help others with getting started on making their own cosplay. Strawberry Factory creates many types of cosplay accessories, everyday fandom jewelry, steampunk items, MLP fandom items and more. Starting out as a way to make anime-related jewelry for Christmas presents, Strawberry Factory attends 6-8 conventions a year. Always adding new items, often in demand for upcoming conventions.

Edward Luena - Photo
Luena, Edward
"FoxBourne Studios"
Creator writer of Crow of the Bear Clan. Edward drew teddy bears in superhero costumes in the 80's. One such drawing of a bear was a barbarian teddy. He was approached by Blackthorn publishing to come with a story that is how was started.

Edward began his art career attending conventions hitting the artist alley. It was there that he was able to meet comic artists that gave him pointers to improve his skill.

No Photo
Mathenia, Daviana
"Cosplay Closet"

Theresa Mather - Photo
Mather, Theresa
Theresa Mather's artwork explores a wide range of the fantasy bestiary, from traditional fauna like dragons, gryphons and unicorns to unusual versions of the pets lurking within our own homes, keeping their true nature hidden from us. In addition to her fantasy art, she has also created full sets of replacement scenery paintings for several antique carousels. Best known for her pieces painted on feathers and stone, integrating her paintings with the natural colors and textures of the surface, Theresa draws much of her inspiration from the world around her. Theresa resides in the red rock country of southern Utah, where she enjoys hiking and exploring when she isn't painting or drawing.

JD Nelson - Photo
Nelson, JD
JD Nelson is an Amazon Bestselling Author of Fantasy Romance and Paranormal Romance. She is also the owner of Chaste Moon Publishing, an independent publishing house. A transplant from Mobile, Alabama, she gave up Mardi Gras and frequent hurricanes to move to the earthquake capital of the United States, the San Francisco Bay Area. She now lives in Central Valley, California with her amazingly supportive husband and three cats who think they're dogs. 

No Photo
Paullus, Caleb

Ellie Dunn - Photo
Potts, Ellie
Ellie Potts is a self published writer who likes to mix up genres- from dark fantasy, to horror, to science fiction, and romance. She is also a Whovian, Browncoat, Star Wars addict, TV junky, movie lover, and collector of arcane knowledge. When not at her day job or writing, you can find her hanging out with her husband in their Tulare County home formulating plans on how to survive a zombie apocalypse and other whimsical ideas.

Marc Rene - Photo
Rene, Marc
Marc Rene is a self-taught artist with a background in design. His mentors include noted artists Neal Adams and Steven T. Seagle from Man of Action Studios. Rene’s credits include design work for Creative Juices Design, the San Jose Sabercats, Public Speaking Los Angeles, the National Forensics Association, Fry’s Electronics, and comedian Sammy Obeid. While he has only recently entered the world of comics, Rene is currently working on two forthcoming graphic novel projects, “The Gutter,” by Ben Pyle. He attended graduate school at Illinois State University and was a collegiate national public speaking champion. In his spare time, Rene enjoys throwing down on the basketball court.
Rene lent Tulare Sci-Fi Con his amazing talents by designing our Event Program artwork.

No Photo
Reveles, Tim

"Phalanx Sanctus Creations"
When I was a kid, I had always loved to draw. Comic book characters were my specialty. I learned to airbrush and started to play around with t-shirts and canvas works. It wasn't until June of 2013 that I got my Wacom Cintiq. Learning how to draw digitally can be tedious, but in the long run, it does make life easier. I have so much more to learn, but I am having fun along the way. Everyone around me has played a major role in keeping me motivated! "You know who you are!" Having great friends and family that believe in you really makes those hard days seem meaningless.

No Photo
Ross, Steven
Steven Ross will have Wrestler Lestat Luchalibre at his table.

Tracey Salbacka & Barrett Wolfe - Photo
Salbacka, Tracey
& Barrett Wolfe

"Steampunk Wolf"
A family run business that started as gantiers (glove makers) and has expanded to Steampunk Jewelry, Gauntlets, Hats and Costumes. Barrett and Tracey live in Marina, CA and run their boutique from their home studio. Laces are brought in from Europe and Asia while many of the parts on our jewelry and accessories are up-cycled from vintage pieces found at thrift stores. Most of the artistic jewelry is one of a kind. We are often asked to send our gloves for TV shows and Movie productions. Our favorite client is Madonna.

No Photo
Shiver, Tamara
"Dragon Called"
Tamara Shiver first entered the fantasy scene back in the early 90's with a short fantasy piece about dragons and magic that was published in Dragon Magazine. Her work continued over the years with fantasy jewelry that appeared on screen, print and on the forms of many a cos-player and fantasy enthusiast. In the last few years she has join NPC Comics, a small Indy Comic Publisher located in Oakland California, with the upcoming comic title - Dragon Called. Dragon Called is also the name of her jewelry line; consisting of artisan crafted fantasy and steampunk themed pieces that connect the written and printed themes of her comic; dragons, high fantasy, clockwork, metals and hordes of dragon treasure.

Benjamin Short - No Photo
Short, Benjamin D.M.
"Goblin Creations"
Benjamin D. M. Short has always been an artist. He confessed that he knew this since before birth. One might get the feeling, from him, that if one could look inside the womb where he was conceived one might find crud cave-like paintings scrawled on the inner walls like those at Lascaux, France. Growing up in the rural areas around Fresno California with a heavy handed religious up bringing and a long leash, Ben and his imagination ran rampant.

No Photo
Sullivan, Katherine
"Lamename Kreations"

No Photo
Symanski, Natalie
"Tiny Tales Productions"

Matthew Valeriote - Photo
Valeriote, Matthew
"Fanatic Photography"
Matt Valeriote is a photographic artist best known for his vibrant, dreamlike portrayals of Disneyland, California. His finely tuned process transforms many of the world's familiar sights into glowing nightscapes.

Recently he began working in partnership with Disney Legend Bob Gurr and Combat Radio's Ethan Dettenmaier on a special upcoming project.

Vincent Wales - Photo
Wales, Vincent
Vincent M. Wales was raised in the small town of Brockway, Pennsylvania, where he frequently complained about the weather. Since then, he has worn many hats, including writing instructor, suicide prevention crisis counselor, essayist, Big Brother, freethought activist, wannabe rock star, and award-winning novelist. He spends most of his writing time in coffee shops, since his cats fail to grasp the entire concept of “writing time.” He currently lives in Sacramento, California, where he frequently complains about the weather.

No Photo
West, Denise/Megan
"Adorkable You"
Adorkable You is an adventure between a mom and her daughter. Megan, the daughter, is the creative artist who designs polymer clay and resin pieces that represent kawaii, gamers,sci-fi and many other genres. Deni, the mom, is the seamstress. She make hair bows, bow ties and plushies. Most of the fabric can not be found in stores. Some of the fabrics include Dr. Who, Sailor Moon, Homestuck, Evee evolutions and many more! Our dream is to be able to follow the Anime, comic and sci-fi conventions all over California and beyond! Geeks united!

No Photo
Williams, Cheyenne
"Camari Creations"

Dale Winther - Photo
Winther, Dale
"Brotherhood of the Beast"
Dale E. Winther worked at NASA’S Jet Propulsion Laboratory as an expert in computer science. He designed specialized computers for satellites, the Hubble Space Telescope, the Galileo mission to Jupiter, and many other spacecraft that were sent to Mars, Venus, and other points of interest in our solar system.

He worked on secret military computer projects, spy satellites and drones. As an inventor, he received patents for his inventions in biomedical imaging, telecommunications and industrial control systems.

Dale is the author of The Brotherhood of the Beast –a new science fiction thriller about a terrifying police state and the eminent end of humanity. Our modern technologies are used to enslave the world. The revelations by Edward Snowden were merely the tip of the iceberg.

Richie Wu - Photo
Wu, Richie
"Bad to the Bone"
Richie Wu is an independent comic artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. BAD TO THE BONE is the clothing line that features his canine-inspired comic characters. In his Vegas based studio he designs and prints all the merchandise to keep them as authentic as possible, what you'll find with his character-centered apparels are like nothing you've ever seen before, all shirts are handcrafted with premium materials to bring the comic designs to life. When you're wearing a BAD TO THE BONE Shirt, you're not just wearing a piece of garment, but a piece of artwork that came from years of skillsmanship.

Elizabeth Yada - Photo
Yada, Elizabeth
"Miss Alphabet"
Miss Alphabet is the brainchild of Elizabeth Yada, of Visalia. Her vision is to bring the colorful and eclectic fashions of Barbie's closet, as well as the children's section, to the wardrobes of adult girls. Also inspired by Harajuku, 80's fashion, and cartoons; she does her best to cater to a broad range of sizes. She sells on Etsy and travels to conventions all around California. When not doing those things, she's discovering new music on Spotify and scouring thrift stores for 80's toys and vintage clothes.
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