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The Tulare Sci-Fi Con is seeking Fan Groups of all genre (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Anime & Horror) to exhibit at the convention.  If your interested in a fan group table, please complete the exhibitor's applicationbadge request, and BOE410D.  Return all completed forms by February 2, 2015. Fan Group's receive a FREE table w/2 chairs and 2 Badges (see Exhibitor's Guide for additional information on badges).  Incomplete applications will not be processed.
Checks Payable to: Tulare Sci-Fi Con
The Tulare Sci-Fi Con is excited to announce the following Fan Groups/Clubs will be appearing at the Tulare Sci-Fi Con on March 7-8th, 2015.  Come out and say hello, get autographs and support them....
Fan / Group Table Guests:
Name/Logo: About the Organization:

501st Legion: Central California Garrison - Image
501st Legion:
Central Califronia Garrison
Central California Garrison is a chapter of the 501st Legion. We are a volunteer costume club dedicated to the bad guys of the Star Wars universe. Central California Garrison serves the Eastern half of California from Northern Modoc county to Central Tulare county.

1701st Fleet USS Saroyan
1701st Fleet: USS Saroyan
The 1701st Fleet is a Star Trek based costuming fan group in which people of diverse backgrounds with an interest in Star Trek can interact socially and recreationally. By representing the fictional Star Trek universe, we will pool our efforts and collective talents to assist in various charitable works in an effort to promote the late Gene Roddenberry’s dream of the best for all of humanity. The USS Saroyan is the Central Valley Chapter/Ship of the 1701st Fleet and has a strong interest in gaming and future charity work.

Airsoft 559 - Logo
Airsoft 559
Airsoft 559 – Your Central Valley Airsoft Resource. We are located in the Central Valley and host free airsoft games. This organization was founded to socialize and have fun with other airsoft players in the Central Valley. Join us at our next airsoft war!

Anime Visalia - Logo
Anime Visalia
Anime Visalia is a place for fans of Japanese animation, video games and cosplay to get together and socialize.

Anime Viewing, Video and Table top gaming, meet new anime fan-friends every month! To view our most current schedule visit

Bat Parties 4 Kids - Logo
Bat Parties 4 Kids
Bat Parties 4 Kids is owned and operated by Antero Mendonca. On display will be his Batman with his 2/3 scale of the Bat Mobile Tumbler and Bat Motorcycle.

The vehicles will be on display inside the main entrance.

CSUB Campus Gamers - Logo
CSUB Campus Gamers
The Campus Gamers student organization at CSU Bakersfield has earned 18 outstanding student leadership awards in its three years at CSUB. It has raised over $35,000 for Children's Miracle Network with its annual "Extra Life 12-Hour Gaming Marathon," hosting the largest group participation event in the United States. Members like games of all kinds, including video, board, card, tabletop, and pen & paper games. Come by the booth to play some retro games and learn more about the marathon.

Central Valley Horror Club - Image
Central Valley Horror Club
The Homicidal Homemaker
The Central Valley Horror Club is here to unite existing fans of the horror genre, and reach out to new ones while providing unique, affordable and all-ages entertainment to the entire Central Valley. We believe that enriching our community by hosting offbeat events to participate in is far more rewarding than focusing on monetary gain. For these reasons, it is extremely important to us that we keep our events as low-cost as possible, if not free of charge. We also strive to give attendees an opportunity to explore a creative side of themselves they may not have utilized before by developing a costume and getting into character.

Chuck E Cheese - Image
Chuck E Cheese
Chuck E Cheese's is the ultimate place Where A Kid Can Be A Kid®. And parents can enjoy every moment. That’s why Chuck E. himself takes pride in providing a safe, family-friendly environment that kids and parents will love coming back to.

Admission is always free. So you’ll never overpay to play at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Cobra 1st - Logo
Cobra 1st Legion
Cobra 1st Legion The Cobra 1st Legion is a G.I. Joe themed Cosplay / Charity Organization. We attend comic book conventions dressed as characters from the G.I. Joe comic book with self-made costumes. We do charity projects like Toy Drives for the Children's Hospital of Oakland, sending books to troops with Operation Paperback, food drives for the Alameda County Community Food Bank and more. For our members we have organized photo-shoots at amazing, historic sites such as the U.S.S. Hornet Aircraft Carrier, the U.S.S. Pampanito Submarine and infamous Alcatraz Prison among other locations.

Redemer Concepts - Jeepers Creepers Truck Photo
The Creeper Truck
The Creeper Truck, Redemer Concepts will have on display the prototype truck used in the 2001 film "Jeepers Creepers".  One of 3 original trucks made for the movie by the studio.  This is a 1941 Chevrolet COE 1 1/2 ton truck. Completely restored including paint scheme.

Guild of St. Mortimer - Photo
Guild of St. Mortimer
The Guild of St. Mortimer is a 501c(3) non-profit group dedicated to the reenactment of historical events, and providing scholarships.

We are the group behind the Annual Tulare Renaissance Festival, held in Visalia, of which this is there 26th year. In order to host this event they operate a Sarsaparilla Booth called the Weasel Inn, and at additional Renaissance Fairs, Civil War Reenactment, Scottish festivals, and Fantasy Fairs.

Ingress Enlightened Guild - Image
Enlightened Guild
Tulare County Chapter
Ingress: Enlightened Guild is part of a larger world. The world around you is not what it seems....

The organization behind the leaks is Niantic Labs, a division of Google previously responsible for the creation of Field Trip, a geo-aware “guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you.” Two weeks in to this ARG, Niantic Labs released their second application, Ingress. This massively multiplayer augmented reality game sees players in two factions fighting for territorial control of the planet, focused around real-world monuments and landmarks designated as “portals”. The Niantic Project ARG and Ingress serve as complements to each other in the full story behind the Niantic Project.

The Enlightened are:
· Dedicated.
· Vigilant
· Strong

Iron Gate Swordfighting - Image
Iron Gate Swordfighting
Iron Gate Swordfighting is an Historical European Martial Arts and Historical Fencing Club that studies the science behind the European longsword and other weapons. The main course of study is an Italian martial art called Armizare (Art of arms) from 15th century fencing master Fiore dei Liberi from his manuscript called il Fior di Battaglia (The Flower of Battle) written around 1409. il Fior di Battaglia is a complete martial system that includes grappling, dagger, longsword, sword in armor, poleaxe and spear.

Iron Gate is an affiliate of the Historical European Martial Arts Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization and is dedicated to the revival of the historical European martial arts and to dispel the myths and stereotypes associated with the weapons of the middle ages. Iron Gate also trains for historical fencing competitions for the longsword and other weapons and competes in tournaments at various Historical European Martial Arts events.

Mandalorian Mercs - Logo
Mandalorian Mercs
Costume Club
The Mandalorian Mercs began life as the brainchild of Tom Hutchens in March 2007. Noticing that Mandalorian costumers had distinctive and separate needs to “traditional” costuming groups, and being a big fan, Tom decided to create a costume group based on Mandalorian culture. Utilizing a guild name from Star Wars: Galaxies™ and references from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic™ computer games, the Mandalorian Mercs as a costume organization was born.

Rebel Legion: Endor Base - Image
Rebel Legion:
Endor Base
Endor Base is a chapter of the Rebel Legion. We are a volunteer costume club dedicated to the heroes of the Star Wars universe. Endor Base serves Northern California, Central California and Alaska.

Royal Manticoran Navy - Logo
Royal Manticoran Navy
The Royal Manticoran Navy, the Official Honor Harrington Fan Club, celebrates the work of David Weber and other authors who have contributed to the Honorverse.

SCA: Barony of Nordwache - Logo
Society for Creative Anachronism:
Barony of Nordwache
Barony of Nordwache, which is part of the Kingdom of Caid, a kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

Nordwache is located in the San Joaquin Valley of Central California, and encompasses Fresno, Kings, Madera, and Tulare Counties.

The SCA is a not-for-profit, educational and historical organization dedicated to reliving and recreating the Middle Ages, as they should have been (well, we think so anyway)!

"Doc" Nigh & Reba - Photo
"Doc" Nigh & Reba
Team Time Car - Photo
Team TimeCar
Special Appearance Saturday and Sunday: "Doc" Nigh from the Reality Show "The Fireball Run Adventurally". On the show
"Doc" is TEAM TIMECAR - TEAM #15 and will be bringing the DeLorean Time Machine from the show. Also known as "The Race to
Recover America's Missing Children" The Fireball Run is an 8 day, 2,000 mile, Epic Mission Based Rally across America
where 40 teams will battle it out in a "More Brain Power than Horse Power" to become the winner. And they do it all for
nothing more than a greater cause, bragging rights, and a plastic road sign. And they will do ANYTHING for that plastic
road sign. However, the greater cause is that each of the 40 teams represent one of America's missing children and off of
8 seasons they have located and return 44 missing children making "The Fireball Run" the largest active child recovery
program in the world.

"The most loved and booked DeLorean Time Machine in the world." --TMZ

The Twin Suns: Star Wars Club - Image
The Twin Suns:
Star Wars Club
The Twin Suns is a Star Wars Fan Club/group. We are located in California covering from Turlock to Orange County, which encombases most of the Central Valley and parts of Southern California.

Our future goal, is to continue attracting area fans, to expand our charitable efforts in new directions, and to have a great time celebrating our shared love for the Star Wars universe.

Z-Wing - Image
Shawn Crosby - Photo
"Shawn Crosby"
Artist/actor Shawn Crosby has worked as an artist for Griffith Observatory, propbuilder for Star Trek, toy designer for Mattel and Playmates, modelmaker for Disney and videogame designer for Vivendi/Universal. A founding member of Enigma Players Improv and Lux Theater fan-oriented performance groups, he is currently mouthing-off in the field of voice-acting, and most recently set fandom back 30 years with an appearance as himself on ABC's 1980s-something sitcom "The Goldbergs."

In his alter-ego as semi-professional Jedi Knight “Obi-Shawn,” Star Wars geek and designer/builder of the "H-Wing" and "Z-Wing" Carfighter art car projects, Shawn has traveled to the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, NBA All-Star game, Skywalker Ranch, Johnson Space Center and other interesting locations teaching science, the path of the Jedi and lightsaber techniques to kids and kids-at-heart. He attends up to 160 charity and community events a year in costume portraying characters from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Steampunk and other creative realms to further humanitarian concerns and prove the you don't have to be boring when you grow up.
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