Hall Award Information:
The Tulare Sci-Fi Con is seeking and encourages costume enthusiasts to attend the convention in costume.  We understand that not everyone can enter and/or win the Costume Contest.  The Tulare Sci-Fi Con will be handing out special costume “Hall Awards” ie “Ribbons” to costumers in the convention hall during convention operating hours, to recognize outstanding costumes in a variety of categories. Upon receiving an award, the costumer will be photographed and listed below as a “Costume Hall Award” winner and the category chosen by the presenter. “Costume Hall Awards” can be given to anyone, of any age at any time during the convention.  Categories are awarded based on the judgment of the presenters. Not all categories are guaranteed to be awarded during the show.
Award Categories:
Best Re-Creation
Best Original
Best Prop
Best Makeup
Best Effects
Most Creative
Most Realistic
Most Elaborate
Most Unusual
Most Popular
Awards Presented:
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