Contest Information:
The Tulare Sci-Fi Con is seeking and encourages costume enthusiasts to enter the Costume Contest to be held on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 4:00pm.
Weather your interested in comic books, artists drawings, steampunk accessories, trading cards, toy collectables or just meeting those who create them, they all play a roll in the popular arts culture.  The Tulare Sci-Fi Con is excited to again feature the vast array of cleverly crafted costumes by our attendee's and give those creators a stage to display their talents.
Contest Form(s):
Costume contestants can submit (mail in) an Entry Form and Photo until February 15, 2017.  After which, all sign-ups will be accepted at the convention costume contest table (near the stage) on March 11, 2017 until 2:00pm or until the show is filled.  If submitting at the convention, make sure to bring a Photo with your completed entry form. The contest will run for a maximum of 90 minutes with a limit of 30 total costumes in all categories at no more than 2 minutes on stage for each contestant.  READ the RULES carefully before entering the contest.
Mail Entry & Photo to: Tulare Sci-Fi Con, 263 Johnson Ct, Tulare CA 93274
  Costume Contest Entry Form: Sponsor Request Form (PDF)   Sponsor/Donor Request Form: Sponsor Request Form (PDF)  
Contest Organizer / Judges:
  Contest Organizer: Bette Standerfer
- Announcer  
    Belinda Cable - Coordinator  
  Judge 1:     Judge 4:    
  Judge 2:     Judge 5:    
  Judge 3:          
Award Categories:
Children/Junior (7-14): Judges Choice  
Children/Junior (7-14): Re-Creation  
Children/Junior (7-14): Original Design  
Children/Junior (7-14): Novice  
Young Adult/Adult (15 Over): Judges Choice  
Young Adult/Adult (15 Over): Re-Creation  
Young Adult/Adult (15 Over): Original Design  
Young Adult/Adult (15 Over): Novice  
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Prizes (Presented specifically by:)
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