A little history about the Tulare Sci-Fi Con?
The Tulare Sci-Fi Con was created in January 2014.  The Tulare Library Foundation approached "The Twin Suns: Star Wars Club" in an effort to help raise funds for the Tulare Library Children's Section.  The original request was for our group to make an appearance at the library event to help raise funds.  The event was then moved to  the Tulare International Agri-Center.  We found ourselves in the position of organizing the entire event.  For a brief moment we considered a children's fair, but quickly I realized it was not cost effective.  I (Derek) had the idea of holding a convention.  The vendors would be the decor and it would not cost a fortune to organize.  After all, the idea is to raise funds for the children's section of the library.   Myself and a few friends then formed the "Tulare Sci-Fi Con" board of directors to explore hosting a convention with all proceeds going to the library.  With the support of the Tulare Library Foundation, the board for the Tulare Sci-Fi Con went right to work preparing for the first convention in the Tulare area and as of the event date, the largest in the Central Valley.

As of November 13, 2014, the Tulare Sci-Fi Con is now associated with and operating under the 501(3c) of "Make The World A Better Place Foundation" (EIN Tax ID# 47-1968320).  Proceeds to benefit Social Services programs for Homeless Children.
Mail all forms, paperwork and payment to:
  Address to: Tulare Sci-Fi Con  
  Mailing Address: 263 Johnson Ct, Tulare CA 93274  
  Checks Payable to: Tulare Sci-Fi Con  
  EMail Address: tularescificon@aol.com  
Venue / Facility:
  Facility Name: International Agri-Center  
  Address: 4500 S. Laspina St., Tulare CA 93274  
Board of Directors:
  Exhibits Director: Derek Mazer   (559) 303-0156  
  Finance Director: Crystal Boling   (559) 991-5496  
  Operations: Edward Luena   -Volunteers  
  Film Festival: Philip Cable      
  Promotions: Belinda Cable      
Department Coordinators:
  Facilities: Charles Boling   -Stage  
  Media/Sponsors: DonnaLynn Helton      
    Michelle Parsons      
  Guest Services: Ethan Dettenmaier      
    Lota Dettenmaier      
  Entertainment: Derek Mazer      
  Concessions: Derek Mazer      
  Costume Contest: Bette Standerfer   - Registration, Announcer  
    Belinda Cable   - Hall Awards, Coordinator  
  Program: Derek Mazer      
    Philip Cable      
  Website: Derek Mazer      
Web site maintenance by:
[ tularescificon@aol.com ]
  2014-Present - Tulare Sci-Fi Con
Website Created and Premiered: January 20, 2014
Last Modified: February 24, 2017

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