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The Tulare Sci-Fi Con is seeking guest appearances by personalities that are a part of past and present pop-culture, sci-fi, horror, anime and fantasy genre as well as music/television/motion picture industry professionals who wish to discuss/demonstrate and/or share their knowledge of their craft.
If interested, please complete the Program Entry form below and either:
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The Tulare Sci-Fi Con programming schedule is listed below.  Due to unforeseen circumstances individuals appearing on panels and this schedule in general is subject to change at a moments notice. Please note that all programs rooms/area have limited seating and are on a first-come, first serve basis. While payment to the convention is required for all events, it does NOT guarantee you access to any event if the venue has reached its capacity.  Most autograph signings are limited, so again, you are NOT guaranteed an autograph at any signing event.
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Saturday, March 7:
Time: Description: Location:
11:00 AM  SCA: Barony of Nordwache - Heavy Weapons Fighting Arena Area
11:00 AM Film Festival - 2 Short films Hilvers Bldg
12:00 PM ‘CONSESSIONAIRES MUST DIE’ FILM PANEL. America Young (Monster High, Tinkerbell), David Blue (SGU Stargate Universe, Moonlight) Moderated by Combat Radio Host Ethan Dettenmaier Hilvers Bldg
12:00 PM GRUESOME GOURMET with The Homicidal Homemaker. Join "the macabre Martha Stewart", as she shows you how to slice, dice and scream your way to creating absolutely killer zombie finger appetizers! Room 1
12:30 PM Iron Gate Swordfighting - Demonstration Arena Area
1:00 PM ‘JAWS’ PANEL featuring screenwriter Carl Gottlieb (Jaws 1 &2) and Oscar Nominated Production Designer Joe Alves (Escape From New York). Moderated by Combat Radio /Host Ethan Dettenmaier Hilvers Bldg
1:00 PM Reedley Kendo Group - Demonstration Outdoor Stage
2:00 PM SCA: Barony of Nordwache - Heavy Weapons Fighting Arena Area
2:00 PM ‘THE GALACTIC ADVENTURES OF JOHN NEPTUNE’ (Science Fiction Youtube series, presented by cast and crew) Room 1
2:00 PM ‘CON ARTISTS' PANEL with two of its stars, Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10, Young Justice) , Tara Platt (Skylanders, Shelf Life) Moderated by Combat Radio Host Ethan Dettenmaier. With film highlights Hilvers Bldg
3:00 PM Willis Kempo Kung-Fu School - Demonstration Outdoor Stage
3:00 PM ‘ROBOTECH’ PANEL featuring Tommy Yune (Of Robotech / Harmony Gold Productions) Tony Oliver (who played Rick Hunter, also of Akira and Might Morphin Power Rangers) and Rebecca Forstadt Hilvers Bldg
3:30 PM Iron Gate Swordfighting - Demonstration Arena Area
4:00 PM 'GI JOE’ PANEL. Featuring Director Wall Burr (who also worked on Transformers and Inspector Gadget) and Zack Hoffman (who played Zartan). Moderated by Combat Radio Producer/Host Ethan Dettenmaier. Includes TV highlights and a presentation by the Cobra 1st Legion Hilvers Bldg
4:30 PM SCA: Barony of Nordwache - Heavy Weapons Fighting Arena Area
6:00 PM Costume Contest Hilvers Bldg
Sunday, March 8:
Time: Description: Location:
10:05 AM Movie: Terry and the Pirates (TV Show based upon the successful comic strip) Hilvers Bldg
10:30 AM DISNEY IMAGINEER PANEL with artist Terri Hardin (who also worked on Ghostbusters, Dune and The Muppets). Moderated by Combat Radio Producer/Host Ethan Dettenmaier. Includes film highlights Hilvers Bldg
11:00 AM COSPLAY IN MOTION PANEL with Costume Designer Chad Evett and Brandon Hillock (Veronica Mars) Hilvers Bldg
11:00 AM MAKE-UP DEMNSTRATION - Learn how to do zombie make-up Room 1
11:30 AM ‘G.L.O.W.’ PANEL (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) featuring Roxy Astor and other G.L.O.W. veterans. Presentation to include some TV clips Hilvers Bldg
12:00 PM ‘WALKING IN CIRCLES’. Sword and Sorcery internet series, presented by cast members) Hilvers Bldg
12:00 PM Iron Gate Swordfighting - Demonstration Arena Area
1:00 PM Reedley Kendo Group - Demonstration Outdoor Stage
1:30 PM MAKING SUPERHERO MOVIES (The trials and tribulations of making a superhero movie with producer Charles Dichiera, director Philip Cable (Knights of Justice), actor Chris Warner (Punisher: The Cell), actor Allen Woodman (Knights of Justice) Hilvers Bldg
3:00 PM CLASSIC “RADIO SHOW” REENACTMENT - (Return with us now to the golden age of radio as we present a live reenactment of a classic 1940’s Sci-Fi adventure show) Hilvers Bldg
3:00 PM  Iron Gate Swordfighting - Demonstration Arena Area
3:30 PM MAKE-UP DEMONSTRATION – Makeup artist Em Reid demonstrate how to create realistic trauma and wounds using makeup. Presented by Central Valley Horror Club Room 1
4:00 PM “VALLEYWOOD” Filmmakers Room 1
4:00 PM Film Festival Nominated Short’s Presentation Hilvers Bldg
5:00 PM Film Festival Awards Ceremony Hilvers Bldg
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