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  Sponsor/Donor Request Form: Sponsor Request Form (PDF)   International Agri-Center
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Attendee's Information:
The Tulare Sci-Fi Con welcomes you to the upcoming show.  This is our SECOND year producing this event and we will make every effort to make this a memorable experience for all attendee's.

Below you will find general information about the event.  Please feel free to download and distribute the event flyer to both prospective exhibitors, volunteers and the general public.  This only being our second year, our biggest challenge is getting the word out.  This is where you can assist.
Ticket Information:
  Tickets: -   $10 per person, 1 day pass (General Admission)
    $16 per person, 2 day pass (General Admission)

-   50% OFF if you come in Costume & Senior's w/ID (55 and older)
     $5 per person, 1 day pass ONLY
-   Children 6 and under & Military w/ID FREE

    ONLY applies for tickets sold at the door.
  Badges: -   Badges will only be provided to exhibitors, volunteers and staff at the event. Please review the Application process for the application category you are applying for, BEFORE requesting badges, then request the appropriate applicable badge number. Badge requests will be issued based on the number allotted for the category you are applying for, from the top down. All additional names listed beyond those allotted will be ignored. Issuance of badges will follow strict guidelines for each category. No exceptions. We had to many issues with late badge requests in 2014.  For additional information regarding badges, refer to the BADGE REQUEST INSTRUCTIONS in the Exhibitor's Guide.
NO badges will be issued or added after February 2, 2015.
  Venue: International Agri-Center
4500 S. Laspina St, Tulare

From Highway 99 North or South, Exit 85 Paige Ave, heading east. Turn right on Laspina St, Enter the first gate "A" and proceed to Pavilion "C".
  Parking: Parking is available in the North lot of the Tulare International Agri-Center.  Enter through "Gate A" and follow the parking attendants who will guide you to an available parking spot.
  Gate Entry: Proceed to "Gate 8" to purchase your entry ticket.  All guests will receive a ticket at the ticket booth. Then proceed through "Gate 8" at which time all attendees will receive a "wristband".  All attendee's must pass threw security's weapons check.  Any items not suitable for entry must be returned to vehicles.  Security will wrap a "designated color" band around any/all item(s) that look like it could be a weapon to verify it has been checked, and "piece tie" any items deemed necessary by security to prevent their use. If you do not want your item banded or piece tied, return it to your vehicle.
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